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A new fatality idea for Jade. Naomi brought her leg to Sheeva's head, but Sheeva caught her leg with her upper left arm. Big tits in mesh. Lesbian mortal kombat. She started to pant from the lack of air and Sheeva stroke Naomi's face. So I guess not. He looked at Lord Raidan and he saw that earthrealms tough fighters was ready to start.

Then she started to lick more before sticking in her mouth. She was fell asleep and so did Naomi. Naomi put her headband on her head and she wore the symbol of the Lin Kuei proudly. She shook her head and Sheeva walked over to the bed and she sat down on the bed. Naomi felt a presence and she turned around to see Frost was walking towards her master's grave. Shemale fucks girl in public. Naomi was blushed from the compliment and Sheeva raise up to kissed Naomi neck. I am here to fight Scorpion the murderer of my mentor.

Shao Kahn laughed at her and she ready herself if she had a to fight the weakest fighters to fight Scorpion. Naomi nodded her head and she started to lick it which she heard Sheeva gasped and she smile. I need to ask you to join us. Sheeva was slapping her ass to increase pleasure. I was told that you were Sub-zero's brother's student. She just smirk because she wanted to fight Scorpion. Where she was raise to be a great fighter. Then suddenly, Naomi brought her knee to Sheeva's lower region hard and Sheeva's eyes widen from the pain.

She place Naomi in her bed and she climb on top of her and she removing the mask before kissed her. Then She headbutted Naomi and she was in a daze.

I will have lots of fun with you. Celebrity pinay nude pics. Sheeva was brushing her hair while Naomi was panting hard. She missed which she use that as an advantage to attack Sheeva with a punch. Just In All Stories: Sheeva x OC 2. She place the mask on her face and she was ready for the Tournament. Naomi sollow her fear and she walked into the portal.

She had never forgotten the teachings that Bi-Han had taught her. Sheeva was gripping her breast to increase the pleasure that she was giving. Naomi was looking at ceiling and she brought her right hand on Sheeva's head while her left hand was digging her nails into Sheeva's shoulder. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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She looked at the person that had hit her hard. Lindsay lohan naked selfies. I, the grandmaster will give you the codename Ice. Both Naomi and Lord Raiden took a walk towards the beach and he explaining everything that had happened in the past. Then she went back to the Temple of the Lin Kuei and she have trained by herself.

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Frost x OC 5. Lu, tell me that she was joking. Mileena x OC 6. Sonya x Tanya 4. She came in Sheeva's mouth and she looked down at Sheeva. Lesbian mortal kombat. Awesome bouncing tits. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Naomi crawl over to her and she was looked at Sheeva because she was nervous at the sight of the cocks. Naomi was moving her legs because she was getting wet from Sheeva's touch.

It's a kiss of death. Sign up for free! Gunpo Gunpo 3 years ago 9 Gespenst0Kick posted Naomi was shocked to see that Kuai Liang had refer her to joining the fight. Then the elder gods opened a portal that lead to Outworld and they all have arrive to Shao Kahn's Throne room. She landed into Goro's Lair and she was walking around to see if she could find sheeva.

When she turned around, she was greeted by a fist to the jaw. Naomi was starting to feel something between her and Sheeva and she knew that she was committed to her code to the Lin Kuei.

Then she gasped when she felt the Shokan's teeth touch her collarbone which Naomi move her lower part of her body to grind against something that was poking her. Naomi looked at her for a moment and after few minutes, Naomi was up against the headboard of the bed. Amateur cougar milf. But so are Kitana, Sonya ane Mileena. Sheeva tilt her head back because she feel how tight Naomi's mouth was. Naomi started to make her move and she use and ice ball to freeze Sheeva.

Naomi was moaning from the pain and pleasure. Hey, I have decide to do a one shot story but this is for anyone that wanted to ask me to write a request. Naomi was blushed from the compliment and Sheeva raise up to kissed Naomi neck.


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