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I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this.

Alexa Serrano October 22,8: Debuggers, hackers and information pilfers aren't done sifting the likes of Beyond: I just finished this game last night and I was in utter tears. Raven haired nude. The game was created using full-motion video capture with real Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

But according to new reports, there is not now and never actually was a legitimate legal issue associated with these images. Beyond two souls ellen page naked. There are so many sexual mods for the Sims 2. Like, a blow job chair, an orgy rug, dildos that used the animation for when your sims are about to piss themselves, a shower dedicated to clunky mechanical sex, etc.

Ryan Kerns November 1, Two Soulsexclusively for the PS3 right now. A "scandal" like this certainly doesn't validate the success of a particular style of game, but it will surely get more people to check out the game, which means more people will have the chance to experience it than would have otherwise.

The last of us has some gameplay and a decent story at least. It's unclear where the legal action went, if anywhere, after that. In truth, the very idea of nakedness has always been in flux. You are not allowed to request a sticky. Real Life Waifu confirmed. Moving pictures of girls getting fucked. Of course they can use model to make it realistic. Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last.

Although some sources say Page will be suing Sony for this, Page has not publically commented on the situation as of yet. Two Soulsan interactive drama-adventure game by Sony in which she stars as the protagonist. Cage's previous game Indigo Prophecy had quite a bit of nudity and a sex scene if you could get your hands on the "Directors Cut" version of the game This shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that the exact same thing happened with Quantic Dream's other mature rated game, Heavy Rainwhere users used the debug mode to get one of the main characters, Madison, to rock nothing but her birthday suit in yet another shower scene.

Nothing was shown, because her exciting bits were covered up by random scenery within the game, but people pretty quickly noticed that if they were in possession of a debug console, they could change the camera angle in the scene. Funnily enough, some users have been asking Page on Twitter if she actually did a full nude body scan for Beyondbut it doesn't look like there's a lot of responsive chatter about the now infamous scene.

I find the tone most people are taking with this a bit ridiculous. Likewise, there was a time when a man would apologize to a woman if she discovered him wearing short sleeves. Page's character, Jodie Holmes, takes a shower at one point in the game, though no nudity can be seen when the game is played.

Two Souls character Jodie Holmes from the net, leading to speculation that the actress might be considering legal action.

What's notable is that Quantic Dream rendered a fully nude Page even if they didn't show it to players. In the case of Beyond: It was bound to happen sooner rather than Why are you even debating smh.

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Even if that body isn't hers, she can still sue for misrepresentation, as well as breaching her "no nude" contract. You can still do that! I have not cried that hard by a game in so long. Sexy milfs in mini skirts. I am working on the supposition that she has a no nudity clause and was thinking of suing Sony, if that is not the case then obviously the situation is different.

Representatives for Sony Computer Entertainment, and Jeffrey Abrams, did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Jedted Follow Forum Posts: Moreover, I think some of the comments in this thread are downright disgusting.

There are none of the often recycled game mechanics, but rather a story-driven cinematic experience, very much in the vein of 's Heavy Rain. Maybe she is totally fine with a fake body that had to be rendered anyway for these scenes. So the image of a naked Page exists in the game's code, but isn't accessible by players. Two Souls is an interactive action-adventure game by French developer Quantic Dream. Bringing gaming in front of more non-gamers is definitely a good thing.

To wit, the top of the screenshots say the game is running with a "QA menu," as in 'quality assurance' activated and that the free camera is set to "true. Beyond two souls ellen page naked. Nude girls in big brother. I can't take screenshots but i can say that it is very blurry so all you really see is her feet. This is where things get interesting.

Escapist Podcast - Science and Tech: If you fail to comprehend how Ellen Page might not be ok with having a 3D nude model of herself in a game where her name is plastered all over the cover, and where one of the main selling points was that it's Ellen Page playing the main protagonist then any further discussion is pointless.

And whether or not this was an "intentional" leak by Sony or developer Quantic Dream I'm not claiming it wasthey surely can't be too upset about the buzz the incident has generated for the game. After all, while she'd definitely agreed to the full-body scan, it didn't seem likely that she'd also been down with them casually using her naked body as a hidden Easter egg in the game.

This seems like a weird quagmire. Ryan Kerns November 1, If she has got this no nudity clause, then morally I think she definitely has been wronged in someway. What's more exciting than that? The email thread between Weil and Russell ends there, and we weren't able to find any legal cases in Los Angeles pertaining to Ellen Page, her legal representation, and Sony or Quantic Dream.

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Two Soulsleaked online, and were published by several gaming blogs. It's all pixelated of course, but since it is ultimately Ellen Page's face on top of a naked body, I wasn't surprised at all to hear that Sony was frantically scouring the internet, threatening legal action if the photos weren't taken down.

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