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Naked women being flogged

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In both versions, a mob of enraged women surrounded the condemned, demanding she be set free without being whipped. Track star nude. Wild brunette cowgirl whips and toys her She verbally defies her her father and gets 2 more lashes before climbing a horse and escaping to town. Or maybe the people who preserved it will present themselves for the credit they deserve.

She strips down to a bikini panty with some dude cracking a whip near her. No lashes are shown but the sound effects and screaming are quite impressive. Naked women being flogged. Later, we see the dead victims hanging upside down. Frank and I - A girl is caned by a man that thinks she is a boy did you get that. Lust For Freedom - A woman is stripped to the waist and whipped for trying to escape from prison.

She is totally naked, but shadows and light hide her crotch. Has a screaming woman holding some prison bars on the box cover. Her wrists are duct taped to the sides of the frame. Melinda clarke tits. There is a lot of tension built up in this scene, since there are pauses between the lashed and we wonder how long the whipping is going to continue.

After the whipping, the girls are shocked with electric prods until they pass out. This filmed version of a Henry Fielding novel features a scene in which the heroine, a young upper class woman, is jailed on trumped-up charges. Still, this is a pretty good, well-acted scene. Colorado Territory - You don't see any whipping. Of course, this being a big budget Hollywood production, the scene is very tame and we don't even get to see her back as she's being whipped Congress Dances - the little glove maker Lillian Harvey, an English women who spoke perfect German is sentenced to be whipped on her bare behind, but is saved at the last minute by no less a personage than the the king himself Willy Fritsch.

Fake-looking bloody marks appear on her back. Although shot in low light, it's the best scene in the movie.

Naked women being flogged

Later, we get to see the second victims whip marks as she is lying on a bunk bed; the old woman who whipped her gazes intently at her marked back in a creepy way. Not to be confused with the Sabrina Saini fantasy of the same name, which unfortunately has no whippings in it. In a nude scene early in the film, Sigourney is washing her face and we can see faint scars on her lower back.

Petite teen bitch in white boots needs some You only see one or two strokes and then it ends. Must be some cloth, as she has big bloody red marks all over her back.

From what I've heard this is a brief scene.

Naked women being flogged

Whip marks are shown while she is changing at the gym with her friend. Prisoners of the Lost Universe - Slave girl is whipped offscreen. Hot models nude pictures. Flash of Green, A - A woman is taken into the woods, tied to a tree, and whipped with belts by "vigilantes.

Saw only the German version, so this one could be better. The original script for this movie called for Alba to be tied to the bed during her whipping, but was unfortunately changed before filming began. The birch goes on stinging after each stroke. Maidens of Fetish Street - Wife catches husband in bed with another woman and whips her silly. El Topo - Two women have a whip fight in Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal masterpiece. Naked women being flogged. In the film, an "underaged" actress is tied naked to a frame and bullwhipped on her back by a man.

Jaded - only one lash eared in this movie from late 90's: He then knocks her onto a bed, picks up a whip and starts to whip her. Real lesbian first time sex. Pretty good scenes considering the talent or lack thereof behind them. One of the female leads is having an affair with a "rough" character who is into SM. Subjects Crime Politics Myths. Nothing more is shown. Still it's a pretty good scene. Well, maybe the uncut print has some more of them. I also liked the tension slowly being built up: Interestingly, the man is whipped by a woman, and the woman is whipped by a man.

This is only in the rare re-release version of the film, and was added to please a wilder crowd.

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Played for laughs, but a nice scene nevertheless. Malenka - aka Fangs of the Living Dead. Fifth element naked. Some nice marks are shown on her back, but the scene only lasts maybe 10 to 15 seconds. The women are quite attractive and naked but this scene is absolutely awful. This is an excellent film, by the way, and is like a pulp novel come to life.

Girl in Room 2A, The - In a flashback sequence, we see a dungeon torture scene that includes a nude woman being whipped. The scene is mostly devoted to the preparation for the whipping. Anyway, this thing is about a girl doing hard time for getting busted at a campus demonstration. Unfortunately, we only see a few scant seconds.

Edge of Sanity - No whipping scene in this moviejust the results of one.


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