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Meghan Markle's dad's role in wedding in question after paparazzi scandal. Indian naked chicks. Also, I am intrigued by the photo even if not convinced.

I'd like to see how credible these witnesses are. You can't leave the ship to tour while you are barefoot and do not have your passport and wallet with you. Amy bradley nude. Ron Bradley said he awoke at 6 a. I must be the only one who thinks the photo of the escort looks nothing like Amy Bradley. I've read varying accounts about how on the one hand Amy's brother said they were drinking heavily that night to where they didn't have that much.

No shoes, no wallet Sometimes media such as photos and video are linked to murder victims who remain unidentified, other times the people are involved in mysteries that are unsolved. But according to "Yellow", crew members knocked on his door shortly after 6 a. Her mother responded, and said that there have been no new leads or updates for years, but that she feels that Amy is somewhere in Venezuela or Central America, being held against her will Bradley in particular feels very strongly that "Jas", as previously pictured here, does not bear a close enough resemblance to her missing daughter to be a valid lead for any continuing investigation.

They also point out that her cigs were missing, and theorize that this meant that she left the room with them. At this point, the fact is no one really knows the answers to any of these questions, and in the absence of any further leads or evidence, it seems likely to remain that way for some time.

Btw, my first post and probably one of many. Lesbian nurse porn videos. God only knows who the Netherlands police sent over to investigate, if they even went that far. She also had a navel ring. All you are doing is wallowing in the TINY amount you know about the case, and discussing theories that have already been debunked. When they asked the person in charge when they would be posted, although the clerk clearly remembered putting the pictures in with the others, he was unable to locate them and instead promised to have them redeveloped the following day.

Amy's hair was very short. As for the photos often you will get two experts disagree. Send a private message to SiberianKiss. This is not true. The ship was owned by a Dutch company if I recall correctly, so the jurisdiction falls within the home country; however, if the crime involves a US citizen, the US FBI can get involved, and probably did.

The same bar she was supposed to have visited! What's more likely, is that Amy was taken off the ship maybe against her will, maybe not, held captive, maybe even used in human trafficking. There was a woman who was interviewed on Beth Holloway's "Vanished" who says she ran into a woman named Amy who said she was from the area Amy Bradley was from and was being harassed by men in Curacao.

One other thing I noticed after watching the segment again: Old thread I know, but I wanted to post a reply since no one did. Yacht marinas and small airports would be potential locations where she could be seen.

Pay them no mind.

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Haven been on a few cruises myself as recent as last dec I would have said it was darn near impossible to fall overboard.

He searched for her for approximately an hour before he contacted ship security officials. Jas is not Amy, but just a lookalike that is legally working as a prostitute; or Amy is now "voluntarily" immersed in that culture and does not want to leave.

I don't mean to turn this thread into a discussion on Stockholm Syndrome, but my point is, there IS an explanantion for that kind of behavior. Shemale fucks girl in public. They also threw out the lawsuit on the grounds that ONLY three people reported seeing "someone looking like Amy" and under duress.

I guess the rest of us can all take it easy now since you're the only one who has good information. She enjoys playing basketball and many other sports, karaoke, her red convertible miata, her bulldog Baileybass fishing, playing pool and hanging out with friends and family.

You could be interfering with a Federal investigation. I have seen a ton of pictures of her and this girl does not resemble her at all. The similarities in looks are simply too strong.

Just because something is printed doesn't mean its true. I was not sure if it was Amy or not from the Dr. The captain ordered his crew to search only the common areas of the ship, not private cabins, or areas where only the crew would have had access.

None of which show up in the pics of her older. Amy bradley nude. The Best French Fries. Hrithik roshan naked. Her mother never said she didn't think the photos were of her, she doesn't know, all she said was it could be her, that it does resemble her but they also acknowledge that the Amy they're used to was years ago. Please do not delete the information you post.

Amy's photograph appeared on the Venezuelan escort website between - - They took down the photos once the FBI started to investigate them. Someone said they saw someone who looked like her in San Fransisco, of all places, being "handled" by two men. She probably believes it.

Did he admit it, or admit he gave her a drink? This includes monitoring the crew areas via patrol and camera, besides the fact that there's people working 24 hours a day and getting walked in on is easy. Second, the idea that a band member came up to Brad before anyone knew Amy was missing and gave condolences. Well, from that site I would pick Renne. I don't follow the human trafficking theory as it takes too many people not to talk, especially with the media attention and reward money; as the saying goes 'two can keep a secret if one is dead'.

Why are so many people disappearing aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean? Just something else worth mentioning.

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Not to mention the extreme risk of keeping her alive for years on end.


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