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Of course, Mathew cannot kill her because of his twisted love for her.

It was not just a large crowd, it was a profoundly disturbing one. They circle her like vultures centering in on their prey. Fucking tiny black girl. The blood and mud are stained to her flesh and not even the water is strong enough to penetrate it. They strip the girl, beat her and rape her. I spit on your grave 2010 nude. Finally, she rides off into the distance and Zarchi never cuts from her face. Jennifer puts the boat in high gear and aims it towards Andy.

This became his idea, to show a film where a strong woman falls victim to a group of men and how because of the strength within us all, is able to destroy the men who took away her inner-freedom.

They took away her inner freedom; they took away her femininity. Perhaps it will make money: There is no attempt to develop the personalities of the characters - they are, simply, a girl and four men, one of them mentally retarded. One minute shorter than the rape sequence. Erin krakow nude. She leads Mathew out into the woods. This woman has just chopped, crippled and mutilated four men beyond recognition Johnny freaks out and keeps repeating, "what have you done to me? He holds a Champaign bottle in his hands when she tries to talk to him, all of a sudden he shoves it inside her, then straddles her neck.

She may reveal her legs, or suntan in a hammock in a bikini, does this mean that she deserves to get raped? The men finally get Mathew to have his way with her, but Mathew cannot orgasm. Later, they tow her boat to a rendezvous with two of their buddies. There is a latent context throughout that speaks highly of feminism, especially how powerful Jennifer the lead character played by Camille Keaton is.

In the next scene Jennifer is sitting in bed researching for her novel when she hears whistling and hollering from outside. We cut to the bathroom, where both of them are naked. Andy jumps in the water to help Stanley. They talked out loud. This movie is an expression of the most diseased and perverted darker human natures, Because it is made artlessly, It flaunts its motives: They get to a clearing and Johnny gets out, Jennifer forces him to open her car door and let her out.

Jennifer walks back inside; she has regained her confidence.

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In any other film, there would be an overly dramatic score to tell us what she is going through, or maybe even a monologue.

The mock everything about her, then rip up the pages. Finally when she gets into a clearing we get a hint that she might get away, then Johnny jumps out in front of her just like Krug did in Last House On The Left. Large tits solo. Jennifer walks back inside; she has regained her confidence.

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The camera becomes Stanley's penis and we're aimed toward Jennifer, already knowing her impending doom. Meir saw, up close and personal, the aftermath of the rape and how no one sought justice for the crimes committed on the young lady. She escapes into the woods. I spit on your grave 2010 nude. This film is still banned in Australia. Day of the Woman. The shot lingers on the canoe and the bikini floating in the water: This film shows the strength within womankind to stand up for themselves when they are mistreated.

She leads Mathew out into the woods. Jennifer gets in the tub with him massages his shoulders, when Johnny is completely relaxed she slowly grabs Mathew's knife that she stashed right next to the tub. Huge low hanging tits. They throw Jennifer on a rock and turn her over; Johnny holds her legs while Andy has his way with her.

To the four rapists, murder is different than rape, none of them can finish her off, so they force Mathew to go back and do what they can't. At this point we know what she needs to do, she knows as well. Jennifer is a game to the rapists, she is new in town and Mathew likes her. This is the first and last orgasm Mathew will ever have, she takes his virginity at the same time she takes his life.

She takes down his pants and lets him have sex with her. No individual on this planet deserves that. A film that would have never been made without Last House on the Leftand Deliverancebut this time they centered on the rape and the revenge without any social context interweaved into the plot. They took away her inner freedom; they took away her femininity. This is a film without a shred of artistic distinction.

She puts the phone against her ear and when the operator answers a foot knocks the phone to the floor. Milf and neighbor. At this point Jennifer has not only been beaten and raped; they belittle her even more by reading her manuscript aloud.

Her whole face has changed, Camille Keaton is such a wonderful actress, and she was able to express a woman's loss of herself through only facial expressions. He becomes impotent when Jennifer looses consciousness. She has become only a shadow of her former self. To hold his opinions at his age, he must already have suffered a fundamental loss of decent human feelings.

As we are watching we begin to wonder, what else can they do to this woman, kill her?


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