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This is exactly why I roided and now girls call me daddy. I will periodically monitor this page to ensure it is not removed without justification.

By that same logic she take more pride in having Spanish ancestry than Danish, since they were one of the first European countries to colonize the new world and become a superpower because of it.

Our chances of even being born are 1 inWho smiles and films while getting excrement thrown on them? More and more women are moving away from feminism. Watch hardcore lesbian porn. Laura southern nude. Lauren's a lurker and usually any thread about her is taken down within an hour or two so her fanboys are clearly doing her dirty work for her.

That's why these events are having such a resurgence and tensions have been reignited. Gee, wonder which group I prefer If enough people bad-mouth them, two things could happen: She just found a different neckbeard base to leech from so she wouldn't have to get as competitive….

And didn't she admit to going to an antifa rally and inadvertently getting her colleagues doxxed, targeted and beaten up? She, however did go to cause conflict and was egging them on to get a reaction. That explains your hateboner. In international no-fattie world she's a 5. If need be they would take them down at the start of your turn. At least real Southern state girls are a hell of a lot tougher and genuinely traditional, as opposed to this pampered little Canadian shill, acting like she has all the answers.

Yes he has been shilling her relentlessly on cuckchan especially taking advantage during the summer as has TRSodomites to try to recruit newfags and 4cucks to their side and would screech autistically and ignore any genuine concerns or arguments put forth vs lauren because MUH DIK. Videos about sexy girls. Even though Trump won, the alt right still seem to see themselves as the underdog.

The reason you have no female friends couldn't possibly be because you think they're all sluts, could it? Please stay on topic. Lolcow is full of crypto-feminists, cat ladies and Hillary supporters who unironically use terms like 'white privilege' so it doesn't even surprise me.

Was her bumpa nice or not? It is NOT cool to start a service like Patreon pretending to be a common carrier or utility without announcing one's true and entire agenda. Wearing pants means that the outline of the girl's legs and ass are visible.

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Also some people have suspected she selfposts in her own thread from time to time, so…make of that what you will. When the owner of the store publicly denied that she found pornography in his store, Schlessinger sued him for lying, claiming that his denial had hurt her reputation.

I've wanted to be a mommy since seeing how happy and fulfilled my mom looked having me and everyone else. Schlessinger became an Orthodox Jew but she was already Jewish by heritage.

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Laura did not use the word, Nigger, as a "racial epithet". Lin xin ru nude. He was an adult during the entirety of the controversy, it affected her work, and simliar to the other people detailed in the "personal" section of her page, it is a particularly illuminating example of how her personal and professional life differ.

If the sources say she considers herself Jewish, then that's what we call her. So tell me how she convinced you to become a red pilled woman. This is exactly why I roided and now girls call me daddy. Laura southern nude. One of those girls who just really doesn't suit being blonde, but is desperate to be blonde. Inadmittedly upset that he was snubbed by Schlessinger at an event, former radio mentor Bill Ballance sold nude photos of Schlessinger [6] to media outlet Internet Entertainment Group IEG.

InHutton accepted an offer from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to appear in the lookbook for their clothing line The Rowand explained in I find that hypocritical and pretty indicative of whose side she is on.

If you are under the age of 18, if such content offends you or if it is illegal to view such content in your community, please EXIT. We keep having material added stating Schlessinger was parodied on the WestWing.

Can't you two get together and get along? Maybe this will stop her for now. She has shit genes. Drunk naked bitches. I both acknowledge she is an alt-jew agent, but also acknowledge these gifs are fake. I would not want my woman to go outside dressed like that and then post it online for guys like us to ogle and comment on. I might not be able to 'prove' it, but it's entirely possible.

I made the following changes:. I see them all the time on Facebook having kids in their 20s with stereotypical conservative families. Thanks for all the feminist tears btw, they're keeping my skin so hydrated and soft.

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Instead of a direct quote that would require us to print that word 11 times, how about using a summary of what she said, sans the euphemisms? Do they find it acceptable as long as it's cosplay? I'm also surprised if you guys read, Faith Goldy got fired last night. Here we fucking go again. As someone already mentioned, Lauren is way too preachy and authoritarian to be a true libertarian. They've had so many problems throughout history rooted in not being respected enough by women.

Then we Rob calling her to cover up since showing to much skin. Her schtick is more 'Ethnonationalism for Dummies' tier.

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