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Is this the beginning or is this the end? In between arguably inventing rock and roll and turning his wife into one of the great pop icons of the 20th century, Ike Turner found modest chart success fashioning The Ikettes, a girl group whose biggest hit came with this hypnotically melancholy mid-tempo number. Mature big tits riding. The songs that follows on the album's track list is "Pull Shapes," a whirlwind of a single that felt of an alien area but sounded wholly realized.

Its My Party feat. Those damn sideline haters, always providing their unsolicited sniping as to why girl group romances won't last -- The Dixie Cups don't wanna hear it, and on "People Say," they shake 'em off in exhilarating fashion over a snapping beat, declaring "I don't really care what the people say. Dre-like '90s G-pop production -- and hands up if you expected the harmonica solo disrupting the back half of this one the first time you heard it.

To honor that legacy, Billboard will be doing a week's worth of girl group coverage, starting with our list of the greatest girl group songs of all-time -- or at least of the rock era, with a quick shout-out to absent predecessors like the Andrews Sisters and The Chordettes -- as decided by Billboard's editorial staff. Sexy girl anthem mp3. What will the neighbours say? Turn-of-the-millennium girl group 3LW are best-remembered today for the sighing top 40 hit "No More Baby I'ma Do Right ," but the superior jam might've been follow-up "Playas Gon' Play," an airtight production with a knocking beat that fizzes delectably but unpredictably.

Bruce Springsteen was one of the biggest girl-group devotees of his era, so it's no surprise that he gave back to the tradition by giving this ever-so-slow-burning classic to the Pointer Sisters. It sounds so friggin' good that the backing vocals keep insisting "tell me more, tell me more!

L's influence would continue past their disbandment, with leader Lee Hyori becoming one of K-pop's most successful female solo artists. Unsurprisingly it flopped -- no Top 40 station in the country would've had the balls to make it 20 seconds in -- and RichGirl disbanded before their debut LP, but decades from now this thing will still be a stunner, the sound of a girl group marching down your back in painfully sharp high heels.

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Good question, and better left unanswered. OK, now remember girl groups again. Banana tits fucking. For years, Girls' Generation not only ruled Korea's girl-group scene but the country's entire zeitgeist, earning a string of No. Of course such infatuations can ultimately prove dangerous, and in the case of the Bobbettes, it was downright fatal -- as evidenced by sequel song "I Shot Mr. Red Velvet's "Dumb Dumb" epitomizes that latter, with the quirky quintet repeating the word "dumb" more than times throughout this single, brilliantly exemplifying why K-pop acts -- particularly the girl groups -- craft some of the most addictive singles in pop.

The album, released in and continuing on to sell 7. Constantly building and re-shifting until Nadine Coyle emphatically declares "You can't mistake my biology! The song's aura of mystery and intrigue led it not only to major chart success at the time, hitting No. Pretty well, turns out, as the stunning don't-do-me-like-that missive became a Hot top 10 hit, helped make sophomore album Welcome to the Dollhouse the group's second straight number one, and reintroduced mentor Diddy to his early role of hype-whisperer, intoning with unusual gravity over the song's outro: The Pointer Sisters, "Automatic" Speaking of that beat, SWV paid the MJ assist forward by lending a helping hand to future pop royalty: With three words, The Crystals -- well, t echnically The Blossomsbut who's counting -- set up ther romantic archetype that would pervade the rest of girl group history, establishing the bad boy as the forever object of good-girl obsession.

They were also subtle enough to fly under the radar of most censors, who were tricked by the absurdly effervescent bubblegum melodies into thinking the lyrics were equally pure.

Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy"

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Sister Sledge, "He's the Greatest Dancer" Girls Aloud, "Biology" The song still captivates another 20 years later, proving a highlight of Xscape's much-anticipated reunion medley at the BET Awards.

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Apollonia 6, "Sex Shooter" Naturally, some radio stations banned it, but it still shot to No. Grace jones nude pics. The real-life sibling trio The Paris Sisters hit No.

The Chiffons, "He's So Fine" Wonder Girls, "Nobody" While the single still divides some listeners for not being as easy to swallow as effervescent GG classics like "Gee," "Oh! The Crystals, "He's a Rebel" Dream weren't the most overpowering of vocalists, but they certainly got the point across on the immaculate chorus, finishing their own "He's into what he's got The group was folded shortly after, but one of their ranks carried the girl group torch for the rest of the decade, as Nicole Scherzinger went on to lead the burlesque troupe-turned-pop hitmakers The Pussycat Dolls.

L's influence would continue past their disbandment, with leader Lee Hyori becoming one of K-pop's most successful female solo artists. The handclaps, the "baby, baby" backing vocals, the sax solo, and most importantly, the pinched, heart-piercing, scarily vulnerable delivery of one Diana Ross, forever bitten but never shy.

As the trio rocks over velvet beats and canned horns, narratives of drug-related violence and an HIV-related death push pop music to do better, be smarter, say more. That's the type of persistence that "I'm So Excited" still packs, 35 years later -- whenever its pristinely contained craziness is heard, it's hard to shake the giddiness even as the music fades out.

The structure would prove enduring: For at least three months out of every year, "Cruel Summer" fills a musical void no other song does -- by articulating all the ways the dog days prove an annual drag, without adding to the problems by being an outright bummer itself.

Unusually enigmatic for a girl group smash, "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" was built around a proto-psychedelic chorus that almost served as an incantation, its ambiguous chorus open to interpretations of everything from drug use to homosexuality. Compounding the melodrama are sound effects, dead-serious spoken word segments and backup vocals that echo the lead. That trick of marrying vocal resolve to tragic subject matter would be repeated on countless such classics to come.

Bruce Springsteen was one of the biggest girl-group devotees of his era, so it's no surprise that he gave back to the tradition by giving this ever-so-slow-burning classic to the Pointer Sisters. The Cover Girls, "Show Me" For as revolutionary as the '60s were, few songs gave voice to real life concerns of young women -- especially when it came to sex. Sexy girl anthem mp3. The song's gentle, heavenly guitar picking is augmented by restrained backing harmonies and austere strings, and the whole composition could seem oppressively wholesome -- if not for the aching sexual longing Priscilla Paris injects into the words "squeeze me, tease me, please me" just before the song fades out.

The Exciters, "Tell Him" Lee" is so enamored with its subject that The Bobbettes repeat the title ten times per chorus and another 20 times in the verse, a fair approximation of love so overpowering all trains of thought lead back to one name.

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Not like Adina Howard's standard-setting G-funk'n'B '95 smash left room for improvement, but there was still space for reinvention -- provided here by producer Richard X's sample of Tubeway Army's sci-fi synth-pop classic "Are 'Friends' Electric? If you need a leg up in your pop career, you can always do a lot worse than a boost from the King himself.

Girls Aloud should have been enormous in the States; by extension, multiple Girls Aloud singles should have been inescapable in the U. Like so many '60s girl group classics, half the fun of this one comes courtesy of the backup singers, whose taunting vocals inform a certain cad he's about to get his ass whooped for spreading lies about a girl -- now that, you know, her boyfriend's back. Sister Sledge, "He's the Greatest Dancer" Good Good Night - Edited Version.

Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy" The real-life sibling trio The Paris Sisters hit No. Irish huge tits. TLC possesses a treasure trove of rock-solid singles, but the patience of the production and storytelling on "Waterfalls" made it an all-timer. A before-she-cheats swinger, in which Martha pleads over a pounding heartbeat of handclaps and drums for her titular man to come back before she's led all the way into temptation.

Plus, if there's a better summation of the classic girl-group ethos than "Wanna be impulsive, reckless, and lose myself in your kiss," we haven't heard it in the years since. After zooming to No. Drenched in reverb and vocal anguish, "Baby That's Me" creates the same feeling of getting caught in an emotional downpour as "Walking in the Rain" -- though unfortunately, by '67, pop audiences had raised their umbrella to such Wall of Sound storms, and The Cake never even grazed the Billboard charts.


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