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If a message containing only 2 links is posted, each link will be checked acording to the following cases. Wet look molded under-wire push-up tank to Wikia's editor has pretty obviously severely overstepped her mandate by deleting the picture. Carmen hayes big tit hooker. Dragon age nude pics. Add Comment Cancel reply. Triggered if a user repeats the same word more than 5 times in one message. Shall we remove various pictures of desire demons as well?

The image shows bared breasts, and so is outside the area we consider acceptable. Check out Pink Basis' wide collection of cute tops for women online here! To avoid useless clutter in the chatroom, please refer to this wiki's other pages before asking any question about the game's content and mechanics.

I concur with the previous poster, this image is not meant to be arousing or pornographic in any way, shape or form. I figure I'll add something since I somehow started this - as stated above I wasn't offended, I was confused as the image was deleted for being "against the ToS": Nobody censors belly buttonsthen that man has a far larger problem than the Mother being on this wiki. This image should never have been removed.

Users will be banned on sight for posting links to suspected phishing sites. Naked sexy college. Triggered if user posts links that are suspected to be malware or phishing site. I oppose deletion because the image in question is neither gratuitous, nor pornographic.

Errhh that is a pretty weak reason to delete a picture. Retrieved from " http: It even lists "partial nudity" next to the rating. Once again, "sensibilities" overrides common sense. Spam Protection Spam protection will trigger for the following cases. Triggered if a user posts messages with words larger than 70 characters.

Well, some guys would get drunk enough to try and do her eventually, but they doesn't count. Triggered if a user posts a message with more than words.

Well, anyway, regardless of the motive behind the proposed censorship, I vote "nay", and that it should be kept in place. The wikia has a right to display images from the game, nude or not. Blind moderation doesn't do any good for anyone.

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Note that supporting or changing this particular image means we will have to take down other images depicting broodmothers since they have full frontal nudity.

The simple presence of breasts is not inherently sexual in nature and I would question the implication that the Broodmother is intended to be even remotely titillating.

This is a normal in-game image from DA, why delete it? Errhh that is a pretty weak reason to delete a picture. In such a fantastic context, the depiction of the Broodmother are quite in line with the rest of the mythical beasts as well. American pie naked videos. Arguing with the moderators will be counter productive and get you nowhere.

I have to say my favorite one is the one about video games vs real life. Dragon age nude pics. And, we feel that by including that image, we keep true to the spirit of the game. I too, oppose deletion. Oh and regarding "NSFW" - why should it be safe for work? Responded to the discussion again. This can also trigger spam protection.

At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. This chat is to ensure the integrity of the game remains. Anyone on this site is only on here because they have played Dragon Age, or are looking into playing it. Milf dress gallery. It is from a mature game that deals with mature themes. A game which is rated as "Mature". Just in case someone asks I suppose next they'll contact BioWare and demand it be edited in the game itself?

Those who use this wiki, obviously realize and comply that they will find material which can be found in the game as well, thus some of them may be rated as M Viktoria Landers talk Images to the right side are okall other background colors are prohibited. Excludes Clearance, Doorbusters and Expanded Assortments.

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Do not continue it unless it really needs a response. Or should we simply censor or shut down all wikis based on mature material?

Example of what not to do: Wikia's editor has pretty obviously severely overstepped her mandate by deleting the picture. That line in the ToS is there to prevent deviants from using Wikia to setup midget porn worship, neo-nazi recruitment, or Jones Town favorite Koolaide recipe sites.

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Sexy skinny naked I agree that both the sex cards and the Mother are fine.
Bigtits fucking video Triggered if a user posts messages with words larger than 70 characters. No one ever says anything about the fact that her face splits apart, because she's a monster, but the sight of a breast and its "Omg! Excludes Clearance, Doorbusters and Expanded Assortments.
Hot chicas nude Again, I'm sorry for any problems I caused as it wasn't intentional -- Inferno Pendragon talk


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